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I had an idea tonight for something that I wanted to write about and I can’t remember it.
I was at dinner with two friends and some part of the conversation turned to something and then I think we may have all agreed on it and then I thought, “I need to write this down so I don’t forget it because I have all kinds of stuff I want to say about it but there’s no time to do it right now because I’ll totally become overbearing at this point in the conversation so I should write this down.” but I didn’t.
I didn’t want to sit there and tap at my phone.
Lesson learned is that A) i need to bring along one of my fancy ass moleskin notebooks and use it and B) if you’re at dinner with people and pull out a fancy ass moleskin notebook and say “one sec, I need to write down something that you guys just made me want to write about later” people will probably be complimented. If you hold up your finger in the number one position, palm out, and then type at your phone, not so much.

For this reason cargo pants are still valid.

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